Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Empress Has Taken Over

Kristy has been with us 1 month (and a few days) and has been at home 3 weeks now. She has adapted very well to our family and her new home. Shortly after getting home we celebrated Judy's birthday and the empress has learned that cake and ice cream is a good thing. In fact, we have found very little that she will not eat. The only exception appears to be raw vegetables. We think that the texture is what is most objectionable. Her language skills are improving everyday. The orphanage worker that brought her to Guangzhou said she did not speak very much but that has all changed. She is still behind what a normal 2 year old says but she is learning new English words everyday. She has become really attached to her mother and since daddy is away at work all day mama has become number one now. She loves her two sisters and they cater to her every whim. We have pretty much stayed at home with her in order to help her attach and bond. She has been to some parks and her favorite thing are the swings. Her current record is 30 minutes. She did go with her mother and sisters to Surfside Beach to visit her Grandmama. She did not go to the beach because Daddy was not there and did not want to miss her first trip to the beach. She has been to our family doctor and the ENT. Both gave us a good report. The ENT said that the first sign of any ear problems would mean that he would have to put tubes in her ears. This is a common procedure with cleft affected children and we have expected that someday she would need them. In case you don't know we have lost Brittany. She had been in failing health before we left for China and it got worse after we left. Ironically we had to give the go ahead to put her down on the day we got Kristy. After 17 years it is difficult sometimes not to see her in the house. I will leave some pictures of the empress in her castle.