Sunday, October 21, 2007

3 Months Since Gotcha Day

On Tuesday October 16th we celebrated Kristy's 3rd month with the family. She is doing great and has fit into our family perfectly. Her English is becoming more and more clear. She is learning shapes, numbers, and letters. She loves to have books read to her and does not really care about TV. She loves to listen to music and will dance when she hears it. She also loves to go on walks with Mom and Dad around the neighborhood. She had a lot of firsts in the last month. Her firsts included a haircut, a trip to Riverbanks Zoo, orchestra concert (Kourtney's first high school orchestra concert). OK, she really didn't make it through the concert but we tried. She started daycare this week and seems to being doing good. She is glad to be picked up and wants constant attention when we get home. Today was her baptism at church. Her Uncle Neil assisted our ministers in the baptism. The entire Yongue family was able to make it so it was the first time all 7 cousins were together. Here are a few pictures from this past month.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Kristy's First Bike

We don't have a long update this time. We just thought you would like to see Kristy on her first bike. We'll have a longer blog later.