Monday, September 10, 2007

September Update

Our updates seem to be less and less frequent. Thats what happens when you have two teenagers and a 2 year old in the house. Kourtney began her freshman year at Lexington High School and says she loves it. Her class load is challenging and the dance class load is adding to the demand. She is dancing in the Moving South Dance Company this year. Kelly began the 8th grade at Lexington Middle School this year. She is also dancing at Moving South as well. Kristy is in the flow of things or we are just in her flow. She is learning new things everyday and we are working with her constantly to get her up to speed with American two year olds as quickly as possible. Her English improves everyday. She went for a physical this month and everything looks great. The ENT doctor thought that her cleft surgery was fine. He was surprised that she didn't have tubes in her ears yet as this is commonly done with cleft affected children. He said the first signs of ear trouble and we should have the tubes put in. Kristy has met almost all of her family and of course she is the center of attention at each gathering.
We have found a daycare in Lexington for Kristy when Judy goes back to school. We dread that day but she will probably be better with it then her mom and dad.